Studien Studies 

As an employee at Hanover Medical School, Dept. of Paediatrics, I had a purely clinical assignment (at least since my first research project in 1990 was finished). However, I have always felt that working at a medical university is an obligation to also develop clinical-academic activities.

Numerous, mostly smaller studies and research projects have been developed, which I present here in chronological descending order. In each case I describe in two or three sentences what it was about and which publications resulted from the respective projects (see linked pdf-files).

For these 25 years of clinical-academic work there is one "trait" that may characterize my way of doing research: instead of bringing topics that are in "fashion" in my own psychologic field into the field of medicine, I have always endeavoured to take up the (psychological aspects of) problems that can be found in clinical everyday work and to work on them in depth within the framework of my/our (mostly modest) possibilities.

This has led to a great variety of research questions and topics. From a conventional perspective of academic careerism you would probably think: this person didn't know what he wanted or he "got bogged down". What a mistake!

Studies and projects in descending chronological order